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My name is Heather Renee Frederick and I am very happy you are here! And, while this site is about you and for you, many have asked about my story….so here it is:

My transformative journey began while living in Scottsdale, Arizona. If I had to pinpoint the start, it would be that Thursday evening in 2012 when a plain-clothed sheriff knocked on my door to deliver some shocking new. The news? That George, the father of my eight year-old twin girls, had been found dead. There was no foul play and it was not a suicide. George was just 43 and his body had simply stopped working.

Talk about a Reality Check

At the time I was successful by social standards. My career, which I enjoyed, was in full swing: I had recently been promoted to Vice President of Academic Affairs at the University. I enjoyed the convenience of a nanny, loved my convertible BMW, and vacationed in Hawaii. But for those perks, I worked far more hours than I care to admit. And while I was reasonably healthy, I walked around in a constant state of overwhelm and wondered what all the stress was doing to me. I used sleeping pills to stop my evening mind chatter and caffeine to get me up hours before my body was ready. If I had stopped long enough to breathe, I would have realized:

I was running on empty–and on a path that could lead to my demise

Those first months after George passed I did a lot of soul searching. Nine months after his death, I turned 43 and asked myself questions like “Is my lifestyle serving me?” and “What is balance, anyway?” and “If I died today, how would my children remember me?” Then I wondered if my children even really knew me. What a question… because truth be told:

I didn’t even know myself!

I mustered up just enough courage to do something drastic and left my “safe” career and moved back home to California. And thus began a journey of finding my truth and my happiness; of understanding how I could expand and evolve so that my true potential was realized. Being a researcher by training, I began studying the innate power for the body to heal through the understanding of life as energy (quantum physics anyone?). My lifelong passion for education has been transmuted into teaching others how to remember who they really are, so that they can live the lives they only dream about. The tools are limitless and can be used forever.

Are you ready to wake up and expand your pure potential?

Whether you are living a lifestyle that is sucking your soul dry, or shackled to a past of trauma that is doing the same thing (or both) YOU CAN transform your current physical and mental challenges into the life you want. And I can help by teaching you tools (and introducing you to products) that allow you to quickly and efficiently transform a life of stress and overwhelm to one where a sense of calm and balance sets the stage for your expanded growth. Get rid of those thought patterns and behaviors that are not serving you and get ready to evolve!

Let’s be real: We are all in need of healing on some level and once we do we are positioned to live our life purpose. We do that and we change the world.

So, are you game?

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Humbled to be with you on this journey,

Heather Renee, PhD