Imagination is More Important than Knowledge – Albert Einstein

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This morning I had the opportunity to sit down with Elizabeth Lukacs, author of the children’s book series: Lizzy Wants to Know. The first book (Lizzy Wants to Know, Book I) just launched this week ( and I am so excited to share it with you!

Lizzy Wants to Know is a series that bridges the gap between feelings and emotional expression. Let’s be real here: At some point, we all experience pain inside, and whether you are a kid or not, these feelings can be tough to handle. This series lets children know it’s ok to have these feelings – it’s a part of who we are. Through the books, kids come to know that love prevails in all things. When I asked Elizabeth to bottom line for me what these books were all about, she said that the underlining theme for all the Lizzy Books are built on two simple rules to follow when we express our feelings; if we follow these simple rule we when we honor others, ourselves, and thus our journey here in life.

These rules are:

  1. Do not judge – ourselves or others
  2. Do not hurt – ourselves or others

When I asked Elizabeth to tell me what inspired her to write this series, she fondly reminisced about the days of raising her own four children and about how she was known as the “Mama Bear” of her small community. The neighborhood kids would always choose her house as the place to hang out. And no wonder! Elizabeth’s home was a place where one’s imagination could run wild. Watching children heal because they could express their emotions in a safe and supported way showed her the gap she was here to fill.

She went on to create dramatic interactive and experiential programs that are presented in schools, hospitals, community, and summer programs. These programs, for kids 3-18, include secret spy adventures; tea parties of kings and queens; teaching the Tree of Responsibility, a program called “The Train of Destiny”; high school plays dealing with drug, alcohol and violence prevention; and programs that address bullying. Decades of these experiences inspired her to write books that would present life as an adventure, as something to explore as her stories encourage imagination with reckless abandon. They address uncomfortable situations and open up dialogue between adults and kids. The series reinforces the idea that we will be here for our children and will help them figure out how to navigate emotions in times of challenge or adversity.

During our interview, Elizabeth shared that Albert Einstein was her hero and shared her favorite quote: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” Because anything in our life first has to be imagined before it IS, imagination must be fostered and that is where Lizzy comes in. Lizzy Wants to Know helps adults create a safe place where kids can use their imagination to find solutions. The books are designed to help build the imaginary process of our minds. We all desire to experience great things, but first we must imagine great things.

Also available with the first book is a guided meditation, because, as Elizabeth puts it:

“It’s never too early to train children how to meditate, relax and imagine great things!”

The Lizzy books help us explore, express our feelings, learn how to share what we feel with others, and invite us all to play in our imaginations so that light, freedom, and fun can live through us.

Elizabeth believes there is no greater mission that we are called to contribute and she recited Gandhi when he spoke of world peace: “If we are to reach real peace in this world we shall have to begin with the children” -Gandhi

As our interview was coming to a close she said to me: “You have but one life here – what are you doing with it? This is not a dress rehearsal so it’s important to pay attention…to do what fills your heart full of love. Try not to find yourself in a place where you want a “do over.” Live your life without regrets, especially when it comes to your responsibility to children and your commitment to your child within!”

I have had the privilege of reading the first book and agree that it is for people 0 -100! After all, children mimic us. As role models, isn’t it time we play a bit more?

I have had the privilege of reading the first book and agree that it is for people 0 -100! After all, children mimic us. As role models,

About the Author: Elizabeth is the owner of Deeply Well ( a company that focuses on balancing body, mind, spirit, and emotions; Elizabeth has been doing this kind of work for over 30 years. While she does work with adults assisting them with their personal healing journey, she has always contributed to a personal mission in working with children. From schools, hospitals, children centers, Boy & Girl Scouts, summer programs for kids, and kid’s private adventure parties she has delivered dynamic programs that are based in play and adventure and are interwoven with teachings that include core values, self esteem, decision-making skills, team-building, problem-solving and yes, creative imagination and emotional balance.

For more information about Elizabeth and to check out her book series, visit:

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