Love – As a Way of BEING


Me with my Mom and Dad, circa 1977ish?

I am not a fan of commercial holidays, and yet today, like everyone else, I will write about love. But not as an emotion – not that feeling that makes your palms sweat, your stomach do flips, and your head spin – but LOVE as a way of being.

My Mom and Dad raised me on camping, the beach, and good old-fashioned fun. They encouraged me to explore my hobbies of rock collecting and roller-skating. My Dad modeled what grace under pressure should look like and my Mom gave me the belief I could do anything. They paid my way through college (and I know this was not easy – we weren’t wealthy) and supported my decision to get a PhD (even though they never went to college themselves and I am sure they were thinking “What, 4 years isn’t enough?”).

When I married young (to a man with long, green hair), my Mom prayed for perfect weather and my Dad walked me down the aisle. When I divorced (twice!) there was no judgment. When I left my 6-figure income job to follow my passion of “Transforming the World” they both said they were proud of me. When I made the decision to “unschool” their grandkids because I wanted them to have a chance of following their dreams, too, they thought it was cool. Over the 46 years they have parented me, I’m sure there were many moments of frustration, stress, and worry. But they never second-guessed me, knowing I am capable of directing this magical adventure we call life, on my own. Whatever decision I make they are there on the sidelines, my biggest fans.

Now THAT is love…as a way of being.

So today I express my love for the two people who have instilled in me that I am love, I am loved, and I am loving. Thanks for being such rad parents!

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