Music & Meditations

Taking time to be still is a critical component of harnessing happiness, finding purpose, and having clarity. Here are recommendations for music and meditations that I have found useful for both myself and my clients. Many are free. Play with them; they them on for size. Find one that fits you…It might be just 3 minutes a day, it might be an hour. You will know. As always, trust your gut. If you have favorites you would like me to review please email me. This site is a work in progress and can only evolve with your input!



QSPA is a unique innovation combining the latest in neuro-acoustic SmartSound™ and Bio-Scalar® Technologies. This state-of-the-art brainwave technology was recently awarded a Class 1 medical device listing. The proprietary audio suites support the body at a deep cellular level with soundscapes that promote optimal states of wellbeing. Alter things like sleep, performance, concentration and stress. 24/7 access to your personal mind spa that offers 7 unique programs (a long and short play for each) is available at $197 for the first month, and then a $29/annual fee. One of the 7 programs is specifically designed for meditation, although I use all for my “stillness” practice.

This is not some simplistic binaural beats program, rather a fusion of the latest scientific findings for optimizing brain function.

Hear for yourself (best with headphones): Listen Here

HEALING MUSIC by Mark Romero

A former top-consultant from NASA discovered that Mark Romero’s music contains frequencies that shifts listeners into a higher state of consciousness and helps them to live more vibrant, successful and fulfilling lives. This music instantly assists individuals to move into a higher state of being that allows the frequencies of their dreams to be in vibrational alignment, opening the door for breakthroughs and unprecedented results in all aspects of one’s life! This music runs essentially as a soundtrack for my family’s life.
Check out Mark’s music for free here:
Or purchase a CD here ($20):



At the request of my clients, I am starting a playlist on my YouTube Channel with meditations that I record. Please visit me there. Dr. Heather Renee’s YouTube Channel

Elizabeth Lukacs


Having trained with shamans, mystics, and healers for over 30 years, Elizabeth Lukacs serves thousands worldwide with her healing gifts. I am grateful to call her both a friend and mentor. I can speak to the accuracy of her intuitive counseling, having experienced it first hand. Her mediations range in length from 7-19 minutes (cost: $5-$15). Her Well-Being meditations cover topics including Healing Sorrow and Healing Breath. You can sample her amazing voice here:

Transcendental Meditation

(requires formal training and then approximately 20-25 minutes twice a day)

I am trained in Transcendental Meditation and recommend this to those who can afford the training. I practice this along with others, depending on what my spirit requests in terms of being fed.
Learn more at:


(requires 15-35 minutes depending on topic)

Apps for a healthy, happy, abundant life. Surf City Apps ( offers all the mediations free, however I recommend the upgrades (range from about $2-$5) as they allow you lots of nice options, like the ability to turn off instructions, change background music, and use a “booster” with a headset. You can buy them in sets (I recommend trying a number of the apps for free and see which ones you would use regularly before purchasing – the bundle might save you a bit). Topics range from eliminating fear to attracting wealth. My personal favorites: Self-Esteem, Sleep well, and Attraction.

Love or Above

(requires 10-15 minutes)

Christie Marie Sheldon is your new mentor if you want to raise your energetic vibration. She offers a variety of programs as well as meditations. I have not experienced her programs (although I do know others who have and rave about them). I can endorse her morning and evening frequency meditations and do them daily. They should run about $10; find them at:

Everyday Visualizations

(4-8 minutes)

Carl Harvey is where to go when you are looking to create abundance in your life ( I am hooked on his Abundance meditations (I purchased for about $20). I currently am a member in his ABC (Abundance Book Club) and am experiencing amazing results.