Energy goes where you pay attention and what you intend creates the end result.
Researchers (e.g., Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza, the HeartMath Institute, among others) continue to create evidence that:
• We are not our genes
• The electromagnetic field and corresponding power of the heart is undeniable
• We have way more control over our healing than we ever imagined possible
• There really is something to this idea of the unconscious mind running the show

Ok, so you might already agree that you get more of what you focus on, but the research goes way beyond positive thinking, because thoughts do not create your reality, BELIEFS do. And, guess what? Most of your beliefs reside at an unconscious level.

I will teach you bioenergetic processes that will change what you believe (whether you know it or not) is possible. How do you know what needs to change? Look at your life: Whatever is NOT working needs to change!

I will also teach you Soul Link™. Soul Link™ is a method that will neutralize your worst memories in seconds. The best part: You learn how to do it yourself so that you have the tools YOU need to heal yourself.

I work exclusively with motivated clients dedicated to creating profound transformation in their lives. My clients are highly successful but stressed professionals. If you find yourself thinking: “WTF: Is this really my life?”–then let’s talk. I can show you how you can create balance and harness your true potential by understanding your life as energy.


1-Hour Skype session – $175

2-Hour Skype session – $300
• Includes learning Soul Link & Awareness in Consciousness

3-Hour Life-Changing Workshop – $200/each (minimum 5 people)
• Integrates key components of the 2-day Restoration Course, including learning Soul Link™ & Awareness in Consciousness. If you cannot commit to a Custom Program or 2-day course, this is the next best thing!
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20-Hour Customized Program – $3,000 (occurs over the course of 1- to 6-months, based on your goals, timeline, and schedule)
• Integrates key components of Restoration (see below), including learning Soul Link™
• This program is personalized. We will work together to solve any challenges you currently face as you learn intention setting, a meditation program & how to clear and control your energy so that you have all the focus and energy you need to live the life you were meant to live.

2-Day Group Restoration Course – $1,500/each (minimum of 3 people) – See details below.
Please fill out the form below to receive course schedule.

1-Hour Group Talk (customized to your group) – Cost varies based on group size, location, and additional services offered during the session; email me: [email protected] to set up a discovery call. Topics include but are not limited to: Stress, Sleep, Energy Clearing, Detoxification, Brain Wave Technology, Intention Setting, Vibrational Healing, Meditation, and Other Than Conscious Re-Programming.

1-Hour Energetic House Cleansing – $150
• Clear your personal space of things not serving you or your family.
• Can be conducted over skype. If you would prefer in person, then travel expenses may be incurred if you live outside of Orange County.

Key Benefits

  • Learn how and why you have been manifesting your whole life and change what is no longer working for you
  • Learn to bio-energetically release stress so you can find balance and live up to your true potential
  • Learn processes that include Soul Link™, Awareness in Consciousness, and many more
  • Fall in love with who you are on the inside and become Love Living, not just Love Seeking
  • Integrate all parts of who you are on the inside to the point where you recognize yourself in Wholeness
  • Remove the foreign energy connections or control of others
  • Chronologically balance all the emotions and feelings from past memories arriving at now with potentially nothing still bothering you including other than conscious memories
  • Find the life lessons associated with some of your major emotional reactions to life
  • Understand how to use thought to heal
  • Learn how to make your blood flow in growth and regeneration rather than just protection
  • Since thinking is the occupation of life, learn about the New Biology and Science of Epigenetics along with your part in the healing process using thought


Some testimonials appear below. You may find others on my Professional Facebook Page.

“I felt the program was unbelievable. I’ve done SOUL work before but this was very different, especially the meditation. I feel this work gives me everyday tools to deal with stress, upsets, exhaustion, fear, worry, desire to manifestation my hearts desires, etc. that other soul programs did not provide.

I absolutely LOVED my experience with Heather. She was born to lead this work with people. There isn’t anyone else I would of wanted to do this work with. She has something very special about her, a human energy, a soul energy that feels safe, authentic, non-judging, approachable and inviting. She is seriously perfect to be leading people through this very intimate experience. I feel very lucky that I got to do Restoration work with her as my teacher and guide.”

“Being able to see and feel myself without any more baggage is something I could not have imagined ever happening. This program has changed my love for myself, the world around me and has opened my eyes. It has been truly transformational. Everybody should do this.”

“I had not expected how emotional it would be, and how liberating it would feel afterwards.”

“Following the mediation portion of Restoration, I felt energized and sensed I was emitting an attractive energy that resulted in strangers being drawn to me (friendly, smiling, initiating conversations, etc.). The most important thing I learned is that I know I have the capacity to manage my emotions. I’ve used Soul Link in several uncomfortable situations.”

“Heather provides tools to help one move past negative energy, have a more positive feeling overall, and discover what is really important to you. She does an excellent job guiding one down this path. I am generally calmer and dwelling less on the past. When I do think about the past, the tools help get me back on track and minimize my negative feelings. I also have a greater awareness of how energy can impacts me – both positively and negatively.

I use Soul Link primarily memories or to help minimize events that occur. I find that it has a very positive impact on neutralizing negative thoughts and anxiety.”

“I have struggled my entire life with self-love. Using past experiences to hold myself back, keep me in my “normal” place was something I could perform with ease. I now understand that I don’t have to hold to those things, or those memories that shaped part of my thinking, and its okay to let them go. Quite amazing considering I can forgive people around me but couldn’t do it for myself. There has been a dynamic shift in my thinking. Even though I have always been aware not to let my entire past define my present or future I could still not wrestle myself away, until today.”

“Thank you so much for allowing me to experience this program!  I learned a lot about myself.  We truly are spiritual beings!!!  You and the process absolutely made me feel that.  I feel like a renewed person.  The tools you gave me, soul link, running programs etc., made me feel confident that I can stay that way. I am hoping that everyone that I know can have this experience as well.  Thank you!  Thank you!!!”

“My experience with Heather was extremely positive! I’ve had a much calmer, more peaceful presence ever since. My life has remained hectic but my ability to manage and navigate through it has changed. I had someone tell me randomly the other day that I am a “calm force”. I liked that :-)”

“I have been able to use the Soul Link technique to liberate myself from some things at work. I even Soul linked at Starbucks one day; it works!”

“You had me at soul link.”

“Restoration eliminated some memories that were unwanted and eliminated inertia regarding taking care of myself. I feel generally more positive and I love it!”

“I enjoyed learning about the hands-on technique to calm myself. The daily homework is great to build positive habits. I have more self-love, more awareness of thoughts and understanding of intentions & holding the bigger picture in mind. Soul Link is my go-to when feeling imbalanced or when there is a disconnect between how I feel and how I want to feel. I recently did it while hiking and the process coupled with being in nature was amazing.”

“I really liked the focus on feelings, take home teachings and energy as opposed to “content” or “the story”. Heather is amazing, balanced and loving. She goes above and beyond to ensure that the concepts and tools are fully understood and integrated into a client’s daily life. She lives what she teaches and believes fully in what she is doing. Above all she is a safe space to open up to and allow for deep soul cleansing and creating space to generate life or purpose and love. I love feeling like the slate is cleared, a “do-over” of sorts, with infinite opportunities. I now understand how self-love is the basis of all action.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Heather; she has opened up a whole new world to me.  I now have the tools I need to remain calm in all situations, allow myself to release from uncomfortable situations and people, and see life beyond the world of chaos.
Soul Link keeps me calm through the storms of life, washing away negative energy and bringing me back to a positive world.”

“Restoration gave me the ability to control negative emotions; and I loved the guided mediation at the end! I use Soul Link when I get frustrated or irritated – it really helps calm and rebalance me. I believe everyone could benefit from this program because everyone needs help with controlling negative energy or emotions. The ability to remain positive and centered on a daily basis is critical for living a happy life.”

“Dr. Heather is incredibly gifted and is a natural at making you feel warm, welcomed and comfortable, with no judgment. She genuinely wants to help you heal from the inside out and has been through this life changing training with world renowned Gary Sinclair to share her gift with others. Her soft, peaceful voice guides you through this Restoration process and you feel nothing but immense love and warmth. If you are looking to permanently change your thoughts, have more peace and calmness in your life, I highly recommend Dr. Heather!”

“Restoration is very helpful for healing the inner child and beginning to truly love oneself so as to unlock possibilities and minimize trauma and abuse. As a result of this program, I am working on myself more, I feel lighter, and I am able to see what’s good for me and what’s bad for me. I am using Soul Link and am finding it helpful in stressful situations.”

“By using the soul link and the fountain of love, I was able to move beyond a recent movie that had disturbed me and kept me awake that night. I find myself sending out positive energy to others, near or far. One interesting thing that several neighbor friends complimented me on today was how young I looked, and my skin seemed to have a glow. That was a complete surprise!”

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