Heaven on Earth?


Dr Heather Renee

The last few years I found myself loathing the question “So, what do you do?”

As much as I adore teaching and had all but become addicted to the constant challenges administrative positions afforded, there came a day when it was clear I had fallen out of love with education as a system.

Most of you know my life changed significantly when I left my academic position late last year. Now, 8 months later, my life purpose has gone from this murky grey idea to: THIS IS WHY I AM HERE – and I think I finally have my “verbal business card” to share with you.

“So, what do you do?”

“I help people find heaven here on earth (seriously, why WAIT??) by giving them the tools to break free from physical and mental discomfort.”

It all goes back to understanding life as energy. The Universe has laid in my path some really cool things that I am beyond excited about (and really, these were all PLACED right in my lap….I did not seek out any one of the awesome and unique pieces that now make up the mosaic that is my new life).

I am currently living heaven on earth in beautiful Sitka, Alaska, and over the next few weeks I will write on how YOU can heal your mind (from negative memories and maladaptive thought patterns) and your body from physical discomforts. If everyone was free of negative memories and thought patterns AND physical pain – oh what a world we could create!!

If anything I write perks your interest or “resonates” with your mind, body or soul, check out my FB page (Dr. Heather Renee) and visit my website (www.DrHeatherRenee.com) where you can join a community of others interested in living a heavenly life here on earth.