Where are you pissing?

A friend said it this way: When you have one foot in the past (regrets, negative memories, traumas) and one foot in the future (anxiety/fear about what “might” or “might not” happen) then your only choice is to piss on your now.

Are you pissing on YOUR NOW?

I did.

For decades.

Yeah, yeah, we’ve all heard it: “Enjoy the Journey”, “Relax and enjoy life”, “Be present”, and “Just breathe”…..

But, come on; would you agree that is easier said than done?

Do you know why your daily affirmations and your desire to maintain that steadfast positive mindset does not always work? In a nutshell it is because we need to be set free from things holding us back…things we might not even me able to articulate or really understand. Your “Other Than Conscious Mind” is running programs you aren’t even aware of; programs GIVEN to you from birth to about age 7. These programs tether you to your past and the unknown future, stealing YOUR NOW.

While there are probably as many ways to energetically balance yourself as there are human beings, I want to thank Gary Sinclair for Soul Link and your remarkable and truly unique Restoration workshop that gave me the tools to energetically heal myself allowing me to fall in love with me. When you truly understand Life as Energy and how to be Love Living rather than allowing Life to Live you, staying in the now becomes fun, exciting, and, yes, even natural.

My Restoration so drastically changed my life, I went on to become a Certified Restoration Therapist. Perhaps Restoration is going to be part of your story….

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