Here are testimonials of clients I have had the opportunity to bring through Restoration. Please visit my Facebook page for additional testimonials related to Clar8ty Products.

“I was privileged to meet and work with Heather through Soul Link and Restoration. Remarkable experience, complete ease in trusting Heather through the process. And it works. Heather has so much credibility in what she says and does, how she lives! Very inspirational!!!

“You had me at soul link.”

“I have been able to use the Soul Link technique to liberate myself from some things at work. I even Soul linked at Starbucks one day; it works!”

“My experience with Soul Link and restoration was extremely positive! I’ve had a much calmer, more peaceful presence ever since. My life has remained hectic but my ability to manage and navigate through it has changed. I had someone tell me randomly the other day that I am a “calm force”. I liked that :-)”

“Thank you so much for allowing me to experience your Restoration program.  I learned a lot about myself.  We truly are spiritual beings!!!  You and the restoration process absolutely made me feel that.  I feel like a renewed person.  The tools you gave me, soul link, running programs etc., made me feel confident that I can stay that way. I am hoping that everyone that I know can have this experience as well.  Thank you!  Thank you!!!”

“I had not expected how emotional it would be, and how liberating it would feel afterwards.”

“I have struggled my entire life with self-love. Using past experiences to hold myself back, keep me in my “normal” place was something I could perform with ease. I now understand that I don’t have to hold to those things, or those memories that shaped part of my thinking, and its okay to let them go. Quite amazing considering I can forgive people around me but couldn’t do it for myself. There has been a dynamic shift in my thinking. Even though I have always been aware not to let my entire past define my present or future I could still not wrestle myself away, until today.”

“Being able to see and feel myself without any more baggage is something I could not have imagined ever happening. This program has changed my love for myself, the world around me and has opened my eyes. It has been truly transformational. Everybody should do this.”

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