Week of Love – Love what you do

Today is Monday. Tuesday is Valentine’s day, and it seems this week is all about love (for me everyday is all about love, but that’s another story). And, while I’ve never been big on a holiday that seems to suggest there is only one day a year where we share our heart-felt thoughts with others…I’m going to use it as a springboard for some posts about the one thing that I think can truly change the world: LOVE. Here is a photo I love, of people who know what they love and who share that love with us. The beautifully perfect little girl is Morgan (the daughter of my cousin Andrew -does that make her my second cousin or something? – never could get those straight. She is family). Little Morgan loves to dance and when she does your heart just sings. The man playing the cello is Zuill Bailey. An incredible musician (and all around super cool guy) who ceates sounds that can wake up your spirit (if it happens to be asleep) and send it dancing straight out of your physical form (if your spirit is awake and ready to play). This photo was snapped in my Aunt Mary and Uncle Roger’s home last summer when Morgan and Zuill blessed us with this unscripted performance. Time stood still as these two entered their respective zones of flow. Last night Zuill was awarded 3 Grammys for his achievement as a musician. Can’t wait to see what Morgan does with her gifts…What will you do this week to share your unique talents with the world and make someone smile?

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